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SmarteBuild feature-rich design helps you create the best possible BOQ, budget and estimate.

What is SmarteBuild Solution for
Cost Estimating

Intelligent and quick estimating software for builders

Historical data of previous jobs

Information gathered from the market: suppliers and subcontractor's market price.

Accurate market prices

Items prices provided by our suppliers, or up-to-date prices gathered from the internet.

Quotes received from suppliers

Accurate prices provided by your/our supplier from received quotes.

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The most accurate cost estimate. Gathered and built up from up-to-date prices.

SmarteBuild App BOQ Mobile
SmarteBuild App BOQ Mobile

Protect your expected margin with an accurate cost estimate based on your price lists or ours.

Smart Estimating

Create methodical estimates, using formulas and links to make your estimate intelligent and fast.

"Using templates and formulas, now I am sure my estimates are accurate. My estimating time dropped by 30% since we switched to SmarteBuild. Thank you!"
Smartebuild production estimator
Max Production Estimator
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Link items

Link items to each other using formulas to empower your estimate and never forget to update quantities.

Use formulas

Formulas in estimating can save up to 30% of the estimator's time.

SmarteBuild Estimators Solution

SmarteBuild Estimating Software helps you access costing information and manage your jobs anywhere.

  • Mobile-Friendly
  • No Lock-in Contract
  • Constant price updates
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Cost your job with confidence

  • Estimate the cost of the project, establish the project budget and then manage expenditure within the agreed budget.
  • Prepare your Bill of Quantity (BOQ) for Tendering and Site Management .
  • With the tendering module, send quote requests from inside the app and your email address, and keep track of all the quote requests.
  • Manage received quotes and compare them in one view for accurate decision making.
  • Use fields and powerful formulas to automate your costings for a quicker and easier to modify estimate.
  • Cost Centers to organise your items into smaller chunks

Powerful Reporting

For Estimators, SmarteBuild provides multiple reporting options, even on your portable devices

  • Bill of Quantities, with prices or without, for a specific cost centre or the entire costing with one click.
  • Customisable project specifications for your clients to review
  • Provisional Sums and Prime Costs reports and allowance for your contract.
  • Suppliers report for each costing for your site supervisors to call up
  • Profit and Loss (P&L) report in items level or cost centres level
  • Export your entire costing to excel
Smartebuild reporting BOQ mobile

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