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What is Smartebuild?

A powerful and flexible Estimating and Job Management Software

  • Estimating
  • Tenders and Quotes
  • Orders
  • Schedule and Call-ups
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SmarteBuild in a glance

SmarteBuild helps builders to cost their jobs confidently, connect with suppliers and get prices, send orders and manage their jobs profitably.

  • Job Estimate with real and up-to-date prices provided by suppliers and trades
  • Quote request and compare quotes
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Site Management and Scheduling
  • Call-ups and task follow ups
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Why we need you

Builders need accurate and up-to-date prices to have a proper estimate. Asking for quotations and waiting for the quotes to come back is a time-consuming and frustrating job for estimators. Prices provided by you can be used in our Estimating Software builders to get an accurate estimate and find and contact you.

As a supplier, this can also be a very good opportunity for you to have more exposure to builders and provide your services or products in this system for builders to choose from.

We are trying to connect builders and suppliers at the early stages of construction: Estimating Costs.

Why Joining this network

Let builders find you and use your product or service

  • SmarteBuild is trying to develop a strong network of Builders and Suppliers.
  • SmarteBuild is an Estimating Software with ability to let the Builders/Estimators choose building items from a list of REAL products and services.
  • By adding your products or services to SmarteBuild database, you let the builders see your product, compare it with other suppliers, and choose it.
  • In the Colour Selection Module, customers also will have access your products to choose.

We tackle the challenges builders face

SmarteBuild is a Construction Project Management solution, provided by consultation with 100+ builders across Australia and in collaboration with multiple teams from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), for builders to manage their jobs smarter.

SmarteBuild Suppliers
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Reliable Estimate

Ensure your estimate is accurate

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Build with confidence

Schedule and call up on site

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Order Professionally

Send Orders using your email address


More than 100 suppliers participated, more than 100 builders are in the system.

  • In SmarteBuild we have a broad cross-section of suppliers, from sole traders to major manufacturers.
  • SmarteBuild is creating a strong relationships with Australia’s most trusted brands, suppliers and partners.
  • Every supplier is required to ethically source their products from factories which operate in accordance with Australian labour and safety standards.
  • Products price lists should be always up-to-date and prices should be fair.
  • Products needs to be confirmed and approved by our Team prior listing as a Product in SmarteBuild.
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Simple and clear
Costs and Fees

This system is Free and always will be free for all the suppliers who helped us build up our platform.

BUT, we can't guarantee that this service will always be free for other suppliers or the new ones coming later. So, please be hurry and help us build up this service.

Free, no hidden costs for suppliers

Builders pay subsciption to use the system

We do the hard work to connect you two

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Stats show that we are growing fast

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This service is free, and will be free forever for you.

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  • Great exposure to builders.
  • List your products or services for free.
  • Update your prices regularly.

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